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    Who Is Running the Show? An Ode to personality

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    Based on Psychotherapy Act & 1Kings 19: 9-13

    Thomas St. James O’Connor

    Cognition sat smugly serene

    I run this show with a mighty wind

    You are lost without breath and direction

    Delight in my delicious deep daring ideas

    Think slow & fast, straight by awareness

    Reason and thought rule the day

    I run this show

    Emotion objected with a ravaging fire

    I bring heat & energy, motivation

    Without me you are dry bones in a heap, no life

    I can make you cognition follow my impulses, justifying

    Every feeling with your thoughts

    Billions down through the ages have done so

    I run the show!

    Behaviour bellowed belligerently breaking with force of an earthquake

    I do whatever I want, frustrating you cognition & you emotion

    I rise up from your unconscious, your reptilian brain

    Paul the Apostle knew my power

    Forcing you to do what you do not want to do

    Embarrassing you, surprising you, cognition & emotion both justify me

    I run the show.

    These three tyrants: cognition, emotion behaviour fought

    Fire rained from heaven, wind blew like tornado, quakes broke the earth


    Then a small door opened

    Sheer silence secretly, softly appeared

    Fighting slowly died

    Wind went west

    Fire fell flat

    Quake quickly quiet


    Elijah covered his face and went to the mouth of the cave

    Sheer silence sounded so loud andThere is One and no other.



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